About Newham Community Learning

The two primary and four secondary schools which currently make up Newham Community Learning are committed to providing   a world-class education for young people in Newham, and to developing as centres of excellence for teaching and learning.  Our Strategy and Structures document (July 2023) provides an overview of how we aim to achieve this objective. 

We are highly ambitious for our students, and keen to develop their passion for learning. We seek to do this within calm, safe learning environments, where all members of the community treat each other with kindness, tolerance and respect.

We believe that no child should be left behind, that every child can succeed regardless of their starting point, and that every child should have access to a broad and rich range of experiences at school which will support their development as an active member of our community.

We are highly ambitious for our staff, developing a strong culture of continuous professional development. We want to attract and retain the best teaching and non-teaching staff, and be recognised as an organisation where staff at all levels receive outstanding support in developing their careers.

Principles for effective partnership at Newham Community Learning and across our schools

Our schools are committed to working in partnership and to supporting one another.  The following outline the principles for effective partnership which we have agreed:

Equal Partners: At all times the partners will strive for consensus in decision making, recognising that each school has both strengths and weaknesses. We will be respectful of each school’s distinctive ethos and identity, while the schools will work collaboratively to fulfil the our mission, vision and values.

Transparency: All those involved in the running and oversight of our Trust and our schools will be open and honest in their dealings with each other.

Subsidiarity: Decisions are to be taken at the level nearest to those affected by those decisions which is compatible with the principles of solidarity and support for the common good, avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy and aiming in so far as possible to make changes to established practices only where it can be demonstrated there is a reasonable need.

Solidarity: All those with responsibility for the schools share a particular commitment to the mutual support of all schools for whom Newham Community Learning is responsible, especially those that are in need of assistance at any particular time.

The Common Good: All recognise their responsibility towards the common good, not just of the schools for which the Trust is responsible, but of all of the families and communities in the areas we serve.

Working in partnership, whilst maintaining the distinctive local ethos and identities of our individual schools, was one of the core founding principles of our Trust when we formed in 2015. Partnership continues to shape the way we work, as does: